Free College Courses

Free online courses for mental health and well-being: from de-
mystifying mindfulness to understanding the science of happiness, we’ve
collected top wellness courses to help you prioritize mental health and
well-being during these uncertain times.

Free online courses for high school students: from calculus to guitar
for beginners, we’ve rounded up courses to help high school students
everywhere keep learning.

Free online courses for college students: from preparing for an
interview to learning data science, we’ve collected courses to make it
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Free online courses for career development: from creative problem
solving to personal branding, we identified courses to help you build
important career skills.

Free online courses for building your cloud technology career: from
machine learning to cloud computing, we’ve curated a set of courses to
help you grow your career in an increasingly digital world.

Free online courses for understanding public health: from the
science behind COVID-19 to communicating during global emergencies,
we’re making popular public health courses completely free.

Free online courses in Spanish: from wellness to professional
development, we’re making popular Spanish-language courses available
for free.