Study Resources

Listed below are sources that can be of great help.
If you go to one of the links and like it, add it to your list of
favorites in your browser.
Because a lot of studying is done while using a computer I
thought I would include
The Ultimate Dictionary website.  

Access many many dictionaries all from one site, this includes
every sort of speciality dictionary and foreign dictionary you can
think of.  The original Noah Webster 1828 dictionary is even

One Look
Mind Mapping:
Here are several sites that offer additional information on this
powerful note taking process.  Including sites that offer FREE
downloadable mind mapping software

Tony Buzan's site (the originator of Mind Mapping)
A bit pricey but it IS the original, there is a free download of a one
week trial version


Here is another site that offers a powerful software program that does
a verson of mind mapping.  There is a free version and a quite
expensive professional version (priced for business use).  Look at
the free version...

The Brain

X-Mind  an open source (free) mind mapping, charting software
Nearly as good as Buzan's but FREE

Internet Public Library
This is a site you will visit over and over, a great place to start any
research from.  You can spend hours and hours just exploring what
is offered.

Here are sites that offer collected information on Geography

Index Mundi, home of the Internet's most complete country profiles.  
This site contains detailed country statistics, charts, and maps
compiled from multiple sources., tons and tons of information.  Learn about and
access the Geographic Information System, GIS.  From the main
page click on 'Educators' then view the "What is GIS" movie.

National geographic, This website has links to loads of information,
investigate, explore and enjoy.