A Life Changing Offer

Read the following to understand my offer:

The TLC class was taught at several GM locations in the 80's and 90's to
bring the workers up to a high enough learning standard to absorb and
utilize the training that was being given as new technology was brought in.

It was recognized that many of the employees had learning deficits,
particularly reading difficulties, among which were low comprehension,
and poor retention.

Though many had not completed high school, the problems were shown to
not only those that had their HS diplomas but even those that had
college degrees.

The Flint Michigan vendor, CEDARS (Center for Educational Development
and Research) offered a course titled
Keys To Effective Learning,
KTEL.  This was a course with a proven track record in several GM

Known for it's effectiveness in addressing and correcting issues with the
willingness to confront technical training.  The course had a measurable
affect on
the rapid absorption and application of this new training.  

was taught in a 40 hour format, employees attended class for a
week instead of doing their regular hourly job.  They were paid their
normal 40 hour weekly wage. The
limited class size was 12 to 14
students.  The Vendor was paid $8,500 per delivery
plus weekly living

New management decided to cut back on the education budget at our GM
location in 1995.  Rather than loose this powerful course, a
n agreement
was reached with the vendor to pay a $1,500 royalty to them for each
delivery I
would preform.  I apprenticed with the vendor for several
months and took over the delivery of KTEL in 1996.

The course was discontinued in 2000 during a
nother political/management
sea change.
Unfortunately there were 246 employees still on the waiting

CEDARS closed its doors in 2004 and the vendor retired to Florida.  He
passed away in 2007.
 I am now the sole owner of the course.

I retired from GM several years ago and rewrote the KTEL course putting
it into its current form
TLC, The Learning Course.

At 73 years old, I do NOT want to take this course to the grave, it is too
important.  It is literally a LIFE CHANGING course.  Too important,
especially now, to disappear.

The need for the course has increased dramatically over the last decade.  
The long list of potentially high paying jobs are going unfilled due to the
available workforce suffering from our public education system creating  a
condition known as
functional illiteracy.  A huge percentage of our
population can not read above a fifth grade proficiency
level.  (check
these facts on line)

I am offering to hand off th
is course in its entirety for free.  To a person
or persons that can qualify by demonstrating their ability to deliver the
material to my satisfaction.  At that point they may market and deliver it,
making a very good career of it.  

My only request is that after that point a
ny significant changes that are
proposed to the material should be communicated to and discussed with

Contact me at my email truhn@comcast.net