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The Learning Course

The TLC 3-Ring Binder

For Windows

The TLC CD-rom accessory pack
Pack includes:
     Reading Assessments:
              1 set of Japan / Brazil
     Blank forms:
              6 Word definition / 2 clearing worksheets
              6 Application worksheet
              1 Blue Card
     Course Handouts
              MU drills, Textbook, and 3 Barriers
     1 Webster's New World Dictionary
     1 The Red Pony

The TLC Demo kits
 TLC Demo Tub (no two the same)
 Container with lid containing:
              assorted bits and pieces, small paper labels
 TLC Clay demo kit
3 Lbs of non hardening modeling clay

Phonics Materials

    Phonetic Skills workbook

  Why Johnny Can't read

  McGuffey's reader pre-primer

  Boxed set of 7 hardcover books,
       McGuffey's readers Pre-primer and books 1 to 6

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