Here are some links to resources, and products
we at NOTE feel may be useful for folks making
the effort to Home School.
Home School
  • Abeca Books


Secular Home School Curriculum resource sites

Christian Home School Curriculum resource list

Michigan Home School

Mass and Manipulatives:
Classroom and teacher supplies
Several excellent free catalogs

Finally... If you are home schooling or thinking about home
schooling and you are unaware of
John Taylor Gatto then
you are indeed missing some vitally critical data.

His books available at his website or any good book seller:
The Underground History of American Education
Dumbing Is Down
Weapons of Mass Instruction
The Exhausted School
A Different Kind of Teacher

Here is a link to his website
John Taylor Gatto

Here is a link to another useful website full of videos and
Pod casts by John Taylor Gatto and others.
Tragedy and Hope  

Here is a link to an entire online edition of:
The Underground History of American Education
The Underground History Of American Education

A note of caution!   The above three links may radically alter
your life and how you view Education and it's foundations.