The What and Why of Our Mission

Through our primary offering, The Learning Course,
we are intent on enabling people to succeed in
today’s life long learning environment.

America, academically compared to the rest of
the world, can no longer afford to rank poorly.  

In a recent international literacy survey the United States ranked 3rd for
fourth grade students, 10th for eighth graders, and 19th for those that
reached their senior year.  With a national school drop out rate averaging
above 30% and some urban areas exceeding 75%, it would seem that
efforts at public school reform have not succeeded.   

Our nation's future is truly in jeopardy if we cannot match or exceed the
abilities of a well educated foreign competition.   

There are several workable solutions being offered outside of the public
system.  At North Oakland Training we have found that The Learning
Course can benefit anyone confronting the challenges of education or re-

We want to improve both sides of the learning equation; whether you are
the person at the whiteboard attempting to deliver an effective learning
opportunity, or the person in the student seat attempting to get the most
from the process.  

We want to reach and share our offerings with teachers,  tutors, mentors,
trainers, instructors, students and parents in any and all sectors that deal
with learning, from public, private, and home school to business and

People entering the job market today can expect to change careers three
or more times before they retire.  The ability to quickly absorb and apply
new ideas and skills has become a vital survival skill.  

It has been wisely observed that knowing HOW to learn may well be more
important that learning any particular discipline.

The future of our nation and our way of life depends on turning around
the terrible educational declines of the last several decades.  Only a
highly educated population is capable of successful long term self rule.
Our Mission
Smooth sailing in
education and