Our current offering, The Learning Course  (TLC) was
evolved from the Keys To Effective Learning course
 Read what General Motors graduates from the
original KTEL course have to say about its ongoing
Ed Nickerson...
Ed took the KTEL class and went on to earn several
degrees in college.  He says that this would not have been
possible with out the skills he acquired in KTEL  Ed has
been able to pass many of the skills he learned along to
his grand children.
Ruth Haywood
Ruth works in the hourly employment office at the General
Motors Pontiac Assembly Center, she says she uses the
skills gained in KTEL every day.   Ruth says that she finds
the memory enhancement tools to be the most valuable
tools for her
Dave Baggett
Dave went from working on the assembly line to becoming
a highly skilled journeyman electrician.  He used his KTEL
skills to complete his apprenticeship.  

Dave also used the tools and techniques to help his sons
numerous times in their education.  He credits their
application of the KTEL as being a large contributor to their
success in college.
Rosemary Mahone
Rosemary took the KTEL class after a promise from me
that if she didn't find it useful I would give her my pay for
that week.  Well, she finished the class and I kept my
money.  Rose has since gone forward in her career
becoming a very knowledgeable UAW Benefit
Representative.  She uses the KTEL techniques to stay
current in that complex and constantly evolving field.
Edward R. Eskridge
Ed struggled to be an average student prior to taking
KTEL.  After attending the class he made the honor roll
Ed struggled to be an average student prior to taking and
got onto the dean's list maintaining a 3.8 grade point
average.  Ed has helped his children in their education
using the KTEL techniques that aided him so well.
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