D I BECOME ITS INSTRUCTOR

    A great number of the employees in the New Beginnings program attended
    KTEL as a foundation to their involvement in the high school completion
    and college programs.  There was a great deal of very positive feedback
    from them as to the tremendous effectiveness of the KTEL study skills
    and the many associated techniques.

    As the CEDARS corporation was delivering KTEL several times a year at
    our training center, it was easy for me to remain involved with Mr. Green
    and the program.  I often had the opportunity to sit in the back of the class
    and audit it.  Occasionally Mr. Green would engage me to fill in as a 'drill
    partner' when he had an odd number of attendees.

    In 1995, a decision was made by local Union officials and GM management
    to bring the delivery of the KTEL course ‘in-house’.  CEDARS agreed to a
    T3 (train the trainer) contract to accomplish that aim.  Mr. Green felt he
    could successfully apprentice me to deliver his program.  

    Due to having to divide my time between computer instruction and the
    KTEL apprenticeship, it took me two years, but I was finally able to take
    over the full-time delivery of KTEL in 1997.

    ** Though it took 12 years, I am happy to say… I did get Mr. Green’s job.