Over the many years that John and I delivered the Keys course as a 40-hour
    paid class to GM employees, there were two recurring complaints from our
    students.  The first complaint was that the company would not pay for them to
    take the class a second time.  The second complaint was that the employees
    could not get the class for their families.  

    My solution; Drawing on my knowledge of computers, I created a CD based
    version of the KTEL program.  Over the years, it has evolved into the TLC
    program.  It is the entire program in a form which students can take with them
    when they complete the course.  The CD was created to act as both a review
    vehicle for the student and as an empowerment tool to help them share the
    program with others.

    After retirement from GM I launched NOTE, North Oakland Training Enterprises.  
    I continue to develop and teach the TLC (KTEL) program.  I have also continued
    tutoring in phonetic reading skills.

    Mr. Green shut down operations of the CEDARS corporation in 2005 and moved
    on to a well-earned retirement.  In parting he gave me his blessings to develop
    TLC.  Unfortunately we lost touch with each other, and  I was recently told by a
    mutual acquaintance that John passed away in 2007.

    In addition to students, I look forward to meeting with anyone interested in
    delivering this material and making TLC a career.