Useful facts and information about education and literacy in
Michigan and America
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Below are links to Articles from Magazines and Newspapers as well
as reports from a variety of State and National government
agencies.  They are all in PDF format which allows them to be
downloaded, saved and printed.
Articles &  
John Taylor Gatto, New York state and New York city teacher
of the year. A highly intelligent, often outspoken and very
authoritative speaker, as well as author of several books best
selling books dealing with the current difficulties within the
American education system.
Below are reports from a variety of sources.  The TIMMS reports
refer to math and science.  The Skills Gap and Adult Literacy
reports relate to the Free Press article at the top of the page.  
The skills employers want discusses the list of abilities that are
sought by businesses when hiring new employees.
Interesting and informative articles.  

  • A nation at risk produced an important TLC quote on page 12.  
  • Bankrupting children - children's physical and psychological
    resource bank is exhausted by the middle of 2nd grade.
  • cost of remedial education - huge expense revealed in 3rd
    paragraph of Executive summary on page 3
  • Blumfield NEA - The NEA Helps Promote Functional Illiteracy,
    Dyslexia, Reading Difficulties
  • Phonics research -  This document references the various studies
    and reports done by the government that prove phonics reading
    instruction is the most effective method.
  • The truth about American schools -  A broad view of the
    American school situation, topics include; No Child Left Behind,
    vouchers, charter schools and more
  • Crystal Palace - This article includes a piece written in the 1850's
    by Horace Greely, famous for the quote "Go West Young Man".  
    Reading the article will clearly demonstrate the great decline in
    American prose.
  • Waiting for 'Superman' - documentary of the year 2010.  Exposing
    the problems with the public education system.  
  • On the issue of teaching/learning Cursive. - Here is a well written
    paper making a strong case for the learning of cursive.  A site with FREE
    Cursive worksheets