In the fall of 1985, I was approached by local UAW  leadership to become a
    trainer/developer in their computer education program.  Though I had my
    share of the common fear of public speaking, I was armed with the total
    confidence that (thanks to KTEL) I could share my knowledge with others.  I
    accepted the union appointment and  joined the staff of the UAW/GM
    training center which was providing a wide variety of educational
    opportunities to its 14,000+ members and their families.

    Over the next several years I attended and completed Professional
    trainer/developer courses taught at GMI (General Motors Institute).  Also
    courses of the Microsoft Office suite at New Horizons in Troy Michigan.  I
    also acquired certifications in Instructional Design, Instructional Techniques
    and Needs Analysis through a nationally recognized trainer certification
    company; Langiven Learning Services.