Tab 11
How to handle textbooks

  The topic of this section:

  This section contains step by step instructions for a system that
  allows a person to manage the study of college level textbooks while
  decreasing their overall study time* and insuring higher grades.

The key components of the whole process are a:
          How you deal with the key words in the subject / textbook will
          determine your success in studying the subject.
This list acts as a detailed map of the book and chapters,
          very useful tools both in class and while studying
 A comprehension pattern (Notes) of any lecture.
 comp. pattern helps guide study.

  *The process IS labor intensive, the first two components are
    done at the very beginning of the course, before the first
    class meeting.
 The process concentrates the majority of the work
    at the front end.  But this weekend of concentrated effort applying
    the  process
can save many dozens of study hours for the
    rest of the course.  

    You may be the brightest student in the class, you may even know
    the subject better than the instructor.