Before Starting College
College Prep

Due to the high financial cost of college and intense
effort required to excel, one should be seeking ways
to maximize the assimilation, retention and application
of courses taken.

TLC should be considered an essential
Foundation for
a successful college education.

The desired final product of college education:  

Graduates that are able to apply their newly acquired
skills and knowledge as they go into their chosen
professions.  The highest possible GPA is the desired
return on investment.

To achieve this goal students need to apply a proven
learning technology to their studies.  This maximises
the return on investment of both their effort and
money.  Higher placement in class ranking matters.

Knowing the 4 obstacles and 3 barriers a student will
encounter, their unique symptoms and their precise
remedies, avoids a tremendous amount of stress.

Eliminate exam anxiety, learn a powerful method for
handling textbooks, gain confidence in your ability to
survive and thrive in the often intense environment of
higher education..