Tab 10
What defines a good instructor

      How to Handle a bad Instructor

 Topics in this section:

      A.  Good Instructors Develop Interest by:
           Getting Attention
              Naming the subject to be studied
              Stating the Question to be answered
              Provides a clear Purpose for doing the above

      B.  Good Instructors Follow
              The Learning Sequence   
                      They Give The Data
                      They Show How to Use the Data.        
                      They lets the students Use the Data.         
                      They show how the Data may be evolved.

      C.  Good Instructors Avoid the 3 Barriers
              Define all Key Words.
              Do not skip steps.        
              The gives lots of Examples
              They provide worthwhile “try it” opportunities.

      Knowing what should be done,
you have every right to make the
      instructor do his or her job.  Be gentle and creative, try NOT to
make an enemy, but remember you are there for YOU, you are not
      there for
the instructor.