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The topics covered in this section:

The Problem
 What is wrong with the literacy in America?                         
       The high school drop out rate exceeds 75% in some cities.  
       Over 30% of the population are considered to be functionally

The Search for an effective solution
  Are mind altering drugs like Ritalin the answer?

An Effective Solution
  Learning to Learn, this is not a new idea.  We live in a 'life
       long learning' information age.  Knowing how to learn is vital.

The Purpose
               The purpose of Business and Industry
               Your Personal Worthwhile Purpose
                        W I I F M   What's In It For Me

Learning How To Learn
Why does a class like this exist?  What useful benefits can
       you expect to gain from this class.

Program Requirements
What are you expected to do to get what you need and want
       from this course?